The last frontier of corporate team building? The event with the novelist

Team Building has become a common practice in companies whether large or small, for the benefit of managers and employees. If many companies now manage to organize more than one event a year, it is also true that the two most widespread phenomena, Coaching and Team Building, owe their success to the fact that they are an excellent compromise allowing managers and employees a positive recreational activity and at the same time a constructive activity based on new experiences and useful information. Often, what is learned during a Team Building event or a Coaching session can be brought home, making these events useful not only for the company but also for the individual. In short, an increasingly widespread solution that helps to improve personally and deepen one’s knowledge, to the benefit of the company and of the private life. Of course, having fun is a fundamental element in these events.

The latest trend in corporate Team Building is now a day with the novelist visiting the company. You might argue what a novelist has to do with the life of an organization? Much more than you might imagine. A recent research in the US and Europe tells us that effective business communication affects processes, efficiency, and every layer of an organization. Organizations with connected employees have a spike in productivity of up to 25%. And here the novelist steps in. We are not talking about the usual language coach or performer of the moment, but we are talking about a true novelist, with a first level pedigree, who entertains managers and employees, explaining what is communication and the most secret tricks to communication and relations.
Let’s be clear, it is well known among insiders that high-level politicians anywhere in the world, turn to communication professionals such as successful novelists and screenplay authors to improve and refine their communication and relationship skills. But the phenomenon now also lands in business and represents a real novelty, full of interest and expectation.

We attended one of these events proposed by DMA Communication. Two engaging hours in which a well-known internationally renowned novelist told the secrets and tricks of communication from a business perspective. Long applause. Coffee break with the author. Another hour and a half of questions addressed to the novelist, each of which had its patient and interesting answer. Grand finale with personal dedication signed on a copy of the latest novel. The atmosphere? Relaxed and informal. The tone and the language? Simple and straightforward. We particularly appreciated the Speaker’s ability to make simple and accessible communication techniques and some complex concepts. The topics addressed are many and stimulating. In short, a great experience for everybody and, in our opinion, useful and intelligent for the company.

Our Magazine’s report card for this event is a full 10/10. Interesting, useful, fun and besides, it doesn’t happen every day to drink a coffee face to face with a novelist that people read in so many countries around the world. Definitely our suggestion to marketing managers.