Give a book for Christmas. Our editors’ recommendations.

Timeless, elegant, intelligent. Giving a book for Christmas is always a refined choice, which we recommend to our readers. And then, why not, an inexpensive gift that will involve the recipient in the pleasure of reading for a few good hours and will always remain there, in the home library to remember who gave it is always better than a thousand expensive and useless gadgets that will end up forgotten in some garage.

So, here you have the books our editors are giving for Christmas. No doubt this year we are betting all our chances on the novelist Davide Amante. This author is undoubtedly achieving an outstanding success, and it’s all deserved.

For Christmas our editors recommend either one of two books by this stylistically impeccable author who always publishes interesting novels.

For a gift intended for adults, we recommend The Wallenberg Dossier, a sophisticated love story built around the biography of a real-life character, which will take you from Stockholm to New York, from the banks of the Danube in Budapest to Berlin, in a breathtaking story, masterfully written.

The Wallenberg Dossier
250 Pages
ISBN 9788894315615
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The Wallenberg Dossier

For children and younger readers
If, on the other hand, you want to give a beautiful story to a young reader, ideal for children from 8 years onwards, then we recommend The Guardian of the Stars – The journey of Anais with the wind. A modern masterpiece, translated into 4 languages short of two years after its release, full of authentic values and incredible poetic flashes, this book is a must-read for all children.

The Guardian of the Stars – The journey of Anais with the with the wind
80 pages and 15 black and white illustrations
ISBN 9788894315608
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The Guardian of the Stars – The journey of Anais with the wind

In short, the best idea for a Christmas gift is a few hours of intelligent and quality reading, securing a beautiful and original Christmas present. With The Wallenberg Dossier or The Guardian of the Stars – The journey of Anais with the wind, you will hit the mark with a beautiful and unforgettable Christmas present under the tree!