Expo 2020 Dubai, the excellence and innovation of the UAE pavilion presented by Duplomatic MS

Expo 2020 Dubai
Expo Dubai is the Universal Exposition that will take place in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, starting the first of October 2021 ( Dubai’s exposition, as we will see further down in the article, is perhaps the most important Universal Exposition of the last decades, an “unmissable opportunity” as novelist Davide Amante (https:// explains us.

We ask Davide Amante to elaborate his thoughts about Expo 2020 Dubai.
“The theme of the Dubai Universal Exposition, which will be held from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.
Dubai 2020 is the first Universal Exposition in history to take place in a country of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates. For this reason we should consider this Universal Exposition as an important historical step, which brings different cultures, different languages, different approaches to economy and different faiths to dialogue and confront on a common ground. I see in this particular exposition a very important historical moment. The event will involve 25 million expected visitors and over 200 languages ​​and cultures spoken on an area of ​​2 Square miles in the middle of the desert. It is an unmissable opportunity.
1851 London, 1855 Paris and then jumping ahead in the years to Vienna, Chicago, Milan in 2015: every four years the Universal Expositions stepped ahead, showcasing the great technological enterprises and leading companies, the design and engineering skills, as well as the creativity and relational dexterity of the participating Nations.
After all, Universal Expositions have always been a great moment for the participating nations to show the world their resources, affirm their strength in the geopolitical chessboard, weave international relations.”

The UAE pavilion designed by Santiago Calatrava and engineered by the Italian Duplomatic MS
Architect Santiago Calatrava designed the United Arab Emirates pavilion – the central exposition hub and one of the Expo’s greatest icons – inspired by the wings of a hawk.
“The proposed design of the UAE Pavilion captures the story we want to tell the world about our nation,” said UAE Minister of State and National Media Council Chairman H.E. Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber. “Our late founding father His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan used falconry expeditions to forge connections between tribes and to create a distinct national identity which ultimately led to the founding of the United Arab Emirates. Now, the falcon design will symbolize how we are connecting the UAE to the minds of the world and how as a global community we can soar to new heights through partnership and cooperation.”
Duplomatic MS was commissioned to develop the hydraulic systems that operate the falcon’s wings. “The pavilion designed by Santiago Calatrava,” explains Paolo Leutenegger, General Manager of Duplomatic MS, “is a work of art and the first major difficulty is represented by the translation of aesthetic and experiential requirements into technical and engineering requirements. The Expo project represents an important challenge for the growth of our group, both from a technical, logistical and organisational point of view. The development of the wing operating system of the UAE pavilion is unique in the world.”

Expo Magazine, always focused on the tech and business innovations brought by Expos, decided for this edition of the Universal Exposition to look towards the Made in Italy. We supported a prestigious video production, representative of the Made in Italy, dedicated to Duplomatic MS and its excellence in motion solutions. The video production will take you in a journey into the essence of the Made in Italy, always capable of combining the best in engineering and creativity. For this reason the video production involves such excellences as the novelist Davide Amante, young violinist Camilla Sabbatini and luthier Stefano Bertoli They all represent Italy as an official participating country (, tha brings to the Arabian Peninsula the excellence of its engineering production but above all the all-Italian ability, recognised in the world, to combine creativity, engineering solutions in large tailor-made projects and innovative solutions.
In the words of Davide Amante: “Italy brings to Dubai its famed diplomatic ability to dialogue with the countries of the world. But above all, Italy brings to Dubai the excellence of its technologies and the all-Italian aptitude to combine creativity and technical expertise, which makes it possible to develop projects and face challenges of any size with cutting-edge solutions.”

Duplomatic MS – areas of activity


The interview with Duplomatic MS
We meet Duplomatic MS management to learn more about this innovative company and its commitment to Expo 2020 Dubai.

Roberto Maddalon, President and Group CEO

Roberto Maddalon is President and Group CEO of Duplomatic MS.

Duplomatic is a innovative company producing cutting edge motion solutions. Can you tell us when the company was founded and why it is becoming a global player?
The company was founded in 1952 and marketed a new product that would revolutionise the way of producing machine tools: the hydraulic copying unit.
Since its origins, Duplomatic engineered cutting edge solutions, contributing to the technological development of industrial automation in Italy.
This spirit of seeking product excellence has led us to think in terms of excellence also with regard to development processes and people who every day bring their contribution to the growth of the group.

Duplomatic headquarters are in Italy. Can you tell us in which countries you operate?
Duplomatic is a company that brings together three brands: Duplomatic, Hydreco Hydraulics and Continental Hydraulics.
We can say that the Group is active in all areas of the industrialised world. Alongside the offices in the European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Norway, we also operate production plants in Australia, the United States, India and China.

The most important word in Duplomatic is ‘cutting edge’. What does it mean? And should excellence also be sought in people as well as in products?
Cutting-edge means for us designing products that fully meet customer expectations and, possibly, go beyond both in terms of performance and innovation. Furthermore, at Duplomatic MS we strive to develop solutions based on customer specifications, to solve substantial needs even for unique parts.
Duplomatic MS people are our best asset because they have a long standing expertise in their activity: in a competitive economy, such as the one in which we operate, passion and the desire to continuously improve, at all levels, are fundamental to meet and exceed customer expectations.

What is the future of Duplomatic MS?
Our strategy is to increase the offer for the Motion market by adding to the already wide range of Fluid Power solutions, mechanical and also electrical motion solutions. The implementation of this strategy takes place above all through a process of acquiring leading companies in the sector and this, in the last decade, has allowed us to quadruple our turnover and, therefore, our presence on the market.


Antonella Colombo, Sales Executive Italy 

Antonella Colombo is Italy’s Sales Department Executive in Duplomatic MS

Let’s talk about Duplomatic MS’ Customer Care. Duplomatic MS is renowned for its particular Customer Experience. Can you tell us more about it?
Customer Service attentively welcomes the customer in our company.
We support our customers with the right balance of kindness and efficiency, following the customer in every single need. Our focus is, in fact, the full care and satisfaction of all our customers. We are able to guarantee an excellent service thanks to our receptiveness and the full consideration that we offer to all our clients.


Valeria Dalla Villa, Global Sales Executive

Valeria Dalla Villa is Global Sales Executive in Duplomatic MS

Customer satisfaction is one of Duplomatic MS’ main objectives. Every day, through exchanges of information and data, supported by the various Duplomatic teams and departments, we offer the best possible service by providing information on deliveries, preparations, availability for urgencies, shipping services: we establish continuous relationships that convey to customers a feeling of belonging to our brand.


Paolo Leutenegger, General Manager

Paolo Leutenegger is General Manager of Duplomatic MS

Can you explain Duplomatic MS’ activity?
Duplomatic MS is a global company that has represented the ingenuity and innovative spirit of Made in Italy in the industrial sector for over 60 years. Its success is based on the development of components and systems for motion control and automation.
Duplomatic MS designs and manufactures technological solutions for motion control in multiple sectors, from industrial to furniture. The solutions of the Duplomatic Group are intended for the world’s major manufacturers of operating machines, including customisation needs, for system integrators and distributors.
Constantly growing, the company has maintained its pioneering momentum, combining over time the design and production of hydraulic components with electromechanical solutions and intelligent systems, according to the principles of Industry 4.0.
The same level of efficiency, reliability, product and service quality is guaranteed everywhere thanks to an international presence. The values ​​of solidity, competence and technological progress are spread across every continent.

How much does the customisation factor affect your work?
Duplomatic MS provides 360 ° products and solutions. There are three aspects that distinguish us: the speed with which we are able to respond to customers, the quality of our products and the level of customisation that, more and more often, is required of us and which involves our passion for engineering and excellence in the search for the solutions we propose.

Can you tell us about the Dubai challenge, the falcon wings designed by Calatrava?
The Expo project represents an important challenge for the growth of our group, both from a technical, logistical and organisational point of view.
The development of the wing motion solution of the UAE pavilion is unique in the world. It required the development of dedicated technical solutions; the creation of a multidisciplinary specialist team that, in addition to the more classic hydraulic and mechanical skills, also included the automation and control part; a very innovative approach to validating the system before the beginning of the site construction activities, based on measurements and simulations made in collaboration with the University of Dresden; the establishment of a company in Dubai for the construction of the project, equipped with key resources and able to manage the entire local supply chain. During the most critical phase of the installation, in the second half of 2019, we had about 45 people involved at the same time on the construction site.

What are the technicalities involving this project for the United Arab Emirates?
The pavilion designed by Santiago Calatrava is a work of art and the first major difficulty is represented by the translation of aesthetic and experiential requirements into technical and engineering requirements. The Duplomatic solution must ensure a fluid, harmonious, synchronised movement, without disturbing the aesthetics of the work. That is, it must guarantee the observer’s experience without, possibly, being visible. Hence, a series of technical choices to minimise dimensions and noise. The solution consists of a power plant with an installed power of approximately 1 MW, 2 and a half Km of pressure pipes that “float” on the roof structure, thus making the system compatible with thermal expansion phenomena linked to temperature variations and reducing the transmission of vibrations to a minimum, 46 hydraulic cylinders positioned on the roof and responsible for opening the 28 wings in composite material and about 2000 control points that include valves of all kinds and sensors. To control all this, about 25 Km of wiring and 17 electrical panels are needed.

Can you explain us Duplomatic MS’ recent evolution – MS stands for Motion Solutions – combined with the trends of Industry 4.0 and Mechatronics?
Paolo Leutenegger, General Manager

Duplomatic MS has changed its skin a few years ago: subsequently changing also the company name to “Motion Solutions”. Taking advantage of the great competence in the mechanical and hydraulic field, we want to be an important reference for our customers for any solution in which it is necessary to manage a movement at the same time as the power supply, such as when it is necessary to move a structure, parts of a system and so forth.
The intelligent part is an integral element of the system, which is why Duplomatic MS is investing in digital technologies. A good example is the IO-Link technology that Duplomatic has already brought on board its range of valves with integrated electronics. We not only apply the technology, but we are directly involved in its development: Duplomatic has become the first competence center in Italy for IO-Link.


Roberto Renzini, BU Hydraulic Systems Director

Roberto Renzini is BU Hydraulic Systems Director in Duplomatic MS

Can you explain us the activity of the Hydraulic Systems BU in Lainate and Padua?
The Hydraulic Systems BU is dedicated to the development of projects to order, in particular power plants, blocks and cabins customised on specific requests and developed in close contact with their technical offices. Our customers are the main OEMs in the industrial, energy, steel and off-shore sectors, in fact our range of activity covers different application areas because we are eager to exchange skills and experiences with the aim of satisfying our customers and to evolve with them too.

What does the tailor-made philosophy mean for you at Hydraulic Systems and how do you implement it?
For us, the tailor-made philosophy means offering a complete service tailored to the customer’s requirements, from customised design to testing the complete system and subsequent commissioning and maintenance, to ensure the reliability, quality and efficiency of the systems we build.
We not only offer a product, but a 360° service that ranges from the proposal of a technical solution that meets the growing technological and energy saving requirements required by the market, to support in the commissioning and start-up phase of the complete machine to optimise the productive cycle, improving the overall efficiency.


Alessandro Terzaghi, Application Manager Duplomatic MS

Alessandro Terzaghi is Application Manager in Duplomatic MS

What is the range of sectors that the Duplomatic MS Group is able to cover?
Duplomatic is a partner for the supply of integrated components and systems, intended for a wide range of applications, from industrial indoor to the heaviest outdoor in the railway, marine, off-shore and oil & gas sectors: our vast expertise allows the group to deliver winning solutions designed for specific needs, in multiple application sectors, generating innovation and added value for the machine manufacturer.
The Hydreco brand, already a famed and recognised supplier of components for mobile applications, integrates the Group’s presence in the construction, earthmoving, agricultural, forestry and transport sectors.


Claudio Gazzaniga, Export Sales Director

Claudio Gazzaniga is Export Sales Director in Duplomatic MS

What does Duplomatic MS’ recent acquisition of Hydreco entail?
Hydreco Hydraulics is a global company, based in the United Kingdom, boasting manufacturing companies located on all continents, from America to Australia. Its acquisition, in 2019, allowed us to offer complete coverage around the world and broaden the horizon to new markets. Entering the Duplomatic group, a strong synergy has been created between the two companies, which strengthens the ability to provide tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications, both in the mobile sector and in the industrial sector.
Our offer to the market has therefore expanded significantly. Hydreco is also present with its solutions for large global customers, expanding our global activity.


About Duplomatic MS

Experts in hydraulics and motion-control solutions since 1952.
Adding value through innovation for three generations.

Duplomatic MS is an innovative company offering engineering solutions for motion control and automation in industrial applications.
The company has its headquarters in Parabiago (Milan), where it also designs and produces valves. Its other sites include the Hydraulic Systems Business Unit in Lainate (Milan) and Padua for the production of complex systems, the Turnkey Projects Business Unit in Parabiago (Milan) for special, innovative turnkey projects, and the Mechatronics Business Unit, based in Sulbiate (Monza Brianza) for the development and creation of Industry 4.0 electronic equipment and in Rosta (Turin), for the development and production of electric actuators.

Since 2020, Duplomatic MS is the only Italian company certified as an IO-Link Competence Centre.

Duplomatic MS is also the holding company of the Duplomatic International Group which includes Continental HydraulicsHydreco Hydraulics, and OCS.


Davide Amante, novelist, has published various novels, translated in many languages.

Stefano Bertoli focuses primarily on the construction of bowed instruments. The models he uses are both designed by him and taken from the great masters of the Italian violinmaking tradition.

His instruments are entirely handcrafted and handvarnished.

He also carries out restoration and repair of instruments, with particular attention to their set-up and sound optimization.

He is deeply dedicated to his profession. Following the tradition of true Italian craftsmanship, he is committed to continuous research in his field.

Camilla Sabbatini, is 21 years old, lives in Milan and is attending the two-year master’s degree in violin at the prestigious G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan. She attends the Pinerolo Music Academy. Graduated from a three-year degree at the Pesaro G. Rossini Conservatory with full votes at the age of 19, Camilla has performed in the Senate of the Italian Republic and in important theaters in Italy and abroad.