Luxury weddings, the latest tendency is the motion picture in Italy

Out of the chaos left by 2021, the biggest wedding trends of 2022 will be a reflection of couples’ values. Inevitably, many of us are experiencing a return to core beliefs. A new wedding era is rising, where couples are generally making everything more intentional, focusing on the ceremony, staging more personalized details, awarding guests with a genuine emotional experience. People tend to invest more in weddings and the result is that luxury weddings are booming. Many couples now request their wedding planners to organize ceremonies in typically romantic locations such as Italy and France. Our magazine conducted an e-mail survey in the United States and several countries in Europe and Asia and this seems to be the trend for the next years.

Within this frame one of the possibly biggest trends in weddings is the ‘motion picture wedding’ introduced for the first time by the Italian motion picture studio DMA International and rapidly growing among couples that are planning their wedding. Planning a video for your wedding day has become customary however the ‘motion picture wedding’ is an interesting upgrade. So, we talked with the Studio who actually introduced this trend to understand what it is and how it works.

No surprise DMA International motion picture studio is Italian, this country is famed for an exceptional tradition of luxury weddings: locations, food, wine, gusto and elegance. We ask one of the producers to explain what is a motion picture wedding, “Quite simply, it is a typical luxury wedding which involves for this special day a number of motion picture professionals: a screenplay author, a director and cameraman and a director of photography. Most of the work is prepared before the wedding day so that our presence is not too bothering during the actual event. We consider the wedding location as a set and, based on the screenplay we agree with the client and the wedding planner, we prepare lights and shooting angles so that during the day of the event only a crew of two is discreetly on set”

What is the value of a motion picture wedding? “Well, you have a screenplay author that talks with the couple and the wedding planner, that understands they style and their life and ultimately writes a personalised screenplay of their most important day: a story that tells things about the couple, not just a flat report of the day. Then there’s the mastery and the creativity of the film production that brings that one-day story to life.”

Having a professional author working for you is possibly the ultimate wedding solution, securing that the most important day of your life really becomes a story to show for years to come to your audience.

How did you get the idea? “A wealthy client’s wedding planner sent us an email. She was looking for a high profile cameraman to shoot a wedding video in an exclusive location in Tuscany. At first we explained we were a film production studio not a videomaker but she insisted. As she told me about the couple I began to imagine a story that could tell things about this couple. I involved the a feature film screenplay author and asked him to organize a call with the couple. Then the story came, and the director of photography visited the set a few weeks before the event and finally the director was involved. It was interesting also for us because we were testing a new idea.”

And? “Well, the couple was enthusiastic to talk with the screenplay author, they had the opportunity to tell their personal story and have a creative professional listen and understand. They were really grateful for the job we did. They saw their intimate feelings on screen.”

How do clients behave on set? “Couples behave exactly like famous actors we film on set. They are demanding but after all they are the protagonists, that’s why we relate to the as we do with Hollywood actors.”

Having a motion picture production dedicated to your wedding seems to be the new trend when planning a luxury wedding. At DMA International they tell us the enthusiasm often extends to guests when they receive the film and realise it looks like a miniature motion picture, complete with titles and closing credits listing their names among the cast and crew.

If you then consider setting the shooting in the beautiful Tuscany countryside or one of the amazing Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Naples, the result is exceptional.

For more information contact DMA International here.

Cover photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels
Article photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels