When engineering becomes art. In the video created by DMA international for Expo Dubai 2020, the all-Italian engineering megaproject for the United Arab Emirates pavilion is presented.

The video production company DMA International (www.dmainternational.eu) created the stunning video presentation of the UAE pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Through a series of interviews, the video presents the all-Italian innovative technological work created by Duplomatic MS (www.duplomatic.com).

The central pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai is an engineering masterpiece: it will welcome over 20 million visitors in the semester of the Universal Exposition under a roof of several tons that opens like the wings of a falcon.
The design of the futuristic pavilion was entrusted to the famous Calatrava architecture studio, while the technical implementation was entrusted to the Italian group Duplomatic MS.

“The proposed design of the UAE Pavilion captures the story we want to tell the world about our nation,” said UAE Minister of State and National Media Council Chairman H.E. Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber. 

In the United Arab Emirates, falconry has been practiced since ancient times, a hunting custom recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And the architect Santiago Calatrava took inspiration from the falcon to create a complex roof made of different pieces capable of hydraulically opening to resemble the wings of a falcon taking flight.

To move this complex structure weighing several tons, there is an advanced hydraulic system controlled by an equally innovative electronic system, developed by the Italian company Duplomatic MS.

“The pavilion designed by Santiago Calatrava,” explains Paolo Leuttenegger, General Manager of Duoplomatic MS, “is a work of art and the first major difficulty is represented by the translation of aesthetic and experiential requirements into technical and engineering requirements. The Expo project represents an important challenge for the growth of our group, both from a technical, logistical and organisational point of view. The development of the wing operating system of the UAE pavilion is unique in the world.”

The solution developed by Duplomatic MS consists of a power plant with an installed power of approximately 1 MW, 2 and a half Km of pressure pipes that “float” on the roof structure, thus making the system compatible with thermal expansion phenomena linked to temperature variations and reducing the transmission of vibrations to a minimum, 46 hydraulic cylinders positioned on the roof and responsible for opening the 28 wings in composite material and about 2000 control points that include valves of all kinds and sensors. To control all this, about 25 Km of wiring and 17 electrical panels are needed. The result is a fluid, harmonious, synchronised movement, that doesn’t disturb the aesthetics of the work.

The video made by DMA International focuses on the details of this initiative.
At this link you can take a look at the video: https://www.dmainternational.eu/en/category/dma-news/