‘High Leadership’ nominated Best Leadership Book 2021

High Leadership by William Henry Best, nominated Best Leadership Book 2021 by Expo Magazine’s Book Review.

High Leadership offers an unprecedented insight into Leadership and Management, opening up your mind to preset ad future business leadership, it of the most complete and comprehensive guides we’ve ever read, with the additional value of a plain and direct language.

High Leadership is a must read for all those seeking to understand Leadership and willing to become Leaders i their Business.

William Henry Best has the extraordinary ability to sum up university level concepts and researches and deliver them to the world of business and action. High Leadership is absolutely phenomenal in that it covers leadership comprehensively, by giving insights into rarely touched themes and not only the most known aspects of leadership. This book is incredibly practical, direct, true.“ Expo Magazine Book Review

A impressive index will smoothly take you into the realm of Leadership in Business:

– Foreword
– Introduction
– The journey to leadership
– What is leadership
– The approach to leadership
– The sunrise of leadership
– The monolithic ancient leadership
– The insufficient modern leadership
– The High Leader, Wanderlust
– Charisma
– Influence and the ‘change’ factor
– Leadership and communication
– Courage
– Empathy and Emotional intelligence
– Curiosity and Wonder
– Trust
– Humility
– Creativity and Innovation
– Authority
– Endeavor, the art of leadership
– Gender and leadership
– Performance and Empowerment
– The toolbox of leadership
– Crisis leadership
– Green leadership
– The language & vocabulary of leaders
– Quotes on leadership
– The Gin and Tonic principle

High Leadership
William Henry Best
ISBN 9788894315639
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