When you say screenwriting, you say DMA International screenplay course

Screenplay writing has its own rules and secrets but above all, far from what many beginners think, is a very practical business that requires understanding of some basic aspects of the motion picture industry. Creativity? Yes, it is fundamental. However, no matter how creative your idea is, it will go nowhere without following strict writing rules and without the knowledge of the film industry and codes it requires to relate to producers and make them look with interest at your screenplay.
DMA International’s screenplay writing course became known among screenplay authors and beginners, exactly for these reasons.

There is no time to loose. 8 lessons of 2 hours each, Online, that bring you right to the core of this business. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced screenplay author, you learn precisely what you need to get into this business, from screenplay writing techniques, to legal and copyright issues, to the secrets and rules of this business. Because however good your screenplay may be, it’ll remain in your hands if you don’t have a clear idea of how to relate and talk to film productions. And, as the course organizers say, you also need to talk different rules depending on American, European or local productions, which is something you should not underestimate since talking to one of these may bring you directly to the other or viceversa.

So, don’t loose your train, buy your ticket for DMA International’s screenwriting course and start your journey to become a great screenplay author.
The course is developed into 8 lessons of two hours each and is offered at the price of 700US$.The course is open to beginners as well as experienced authors. Open to all ages.

For further information: DMA International Screenplay Course
Photo by Daniel Semenov da Pexels