Smart Working, the future of working spaces for a competitive organization, a business opportunity within the Smart Cities Market

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We all try to look at the Future with ‘Smart’ eyes to be able to identify opportunities for our business and develop long-term strategies. In the big Smart City market with all its implications one particular aspect attracted us as it seems to involve each of us at all levels: The Smart Working Environment. We identified the opportunity and in this article we give you an insight on the subject in order to help you consider it as a business opportunity for your activity.

Smart working is a combination of tools and working environment optimization allowing flexibility, autonomy and collaboration in order to increase employees’ efficiency and productivity. CEO’s are focused on how employees are most effective and, on the global working business, Smart Working Environments could become an answer to most of the productivity and efficiency issues questions.

Let us analyze the needs of a manager in a workplace when preparing and developing decisions, which is the essence of managerial work:

  1. Speedy computations
    • In order to be able to decide quickly, it is necessary to gain as much information as possible, usually by performing large number of computations very quickly and at a low cost.
  2. Fast problem identification
    • To know as quickly as possible what the problem is about. It is necessary to analyze the situation deeply; therefore the decision support function should efficiently map the context of a given problem into an appropriate solution model, algorithm or technique.
  3. Timely decision making
    • Critical situations may require fast and in-time response. This could also cause undesirable stressing situations for the decision maker.
  4. Increased productivity
    • Reducing costs (saving) of making the decision, while retaining the decision making output rate and quality. This is also an issue causing stressful situations.
  5. Technical support
    • An adequate and efficient ICT is needed, which enables effective and secure storage and transmission of data. The manager should be able to get desired technical support nearly automatically, without loosing extra time and workforce.
  6. Decision making quality and reliability
    • More alternatives should be considered, provision for risk analysis should be available, as well as provision for handling vagueness and uncertainty, provision for multiple knowledge sources, and group decision support. This all could be based on a very broad but also focused access to those information and knowledge resources which are necessary in the context with the problem in question.
  7. Overcoming cognitive limits in processing and storage
    • An individual’s problem-solving capability is limited when diverse information and knowledge are required. Pooling several individuals is required in this situation, and group decision making as well as group decision support systems is a common remedy for this problem. A broad support from the side of various learning and knowledge resources could be very helpful.

What we conclude is that a Smart Workplace and Environment can be helpful in overcoming some barriers and stressful situations typical for managerial decision-making. And as said before, this can be a business opportunity for lots of companies in the global market wanting to support their client in solving these issues.

Then, let’s try to see how will look like the Smart Work Place and Environment in the Future?

  1. The smart work place will see:
  • A complex and competitive world focused on collaboration, innovation and creativity
  • An industry focused on knowledge and co-creativity
  • A culture for collaboration and collective intelligence
  1. Facilities Management and Real Estate:
  • The role of cities will be extremely important ad the very large majority of people live and work in mega urban cities, deserting rural areas
  • Public spaces will be extensively used to support the community of workers, swarming into public areas to meet and collaborate
  • Cities will become intelligent growth zone-smart growth zone
  1. The Smart workplace will be characterized by:
  • Work will grow through Cloud Networks
  • The Eco Office will become an intelligent growth zone where individuals with a common interest meet and collaborate
  • Collective knowledge will form a powerful collective intelligence, automatically scanned, recorded and classified
  • Technological solutions will be intuitive, embedded in our environment and non intrusive, yet controllable by each individual

The Smart Worker of 2030 will be equipped with remarkable technological tools and solutions, intuitive systems and solutions

We can say again that Smart Working can be an answer to improve an organization at different levels with long-term strategies to ensure competity and productivity increase.

This leads us to see different domains where business opportunities can be generated to answer these needs:

  • ICT
  • Transportation
  • HR
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Architecture
  • Smart Technologies
  • Innovations
  • Market Research

Are you in? Did you take into consideration this opportunity for your business? Let’s do it, then!

Source: Expo Milan 2015 Magazine